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New self-service website makes personal and business check ordering easy and efficient

Ordering checks — and remembering where and how to reorder them — has never been easier for your account holders. Harland Clarke recently launched, a site that combines all of our current check-ordering capabilities into a single self-service destination for consumers online.

“The new URL is easy to remember, and it represents exactly what consumers want to do when they place a check order online,” says Matt Wier, Harland Clarke’s vice president of marketing technology. “In addition, we have developed this website so no set-up is required by financial institutions, which adds immediate value.”

Your consumers can simply visit, provide their routing and account numbers, and gain access to an online catalog of the checks, accessories and related products that are part of your financial institution’s account plan, complete with your specific pricing.

Harland Clarke Checkbox does not replace integrated ordering for online banking. Rather, can be integrated with online banking to enhance the value proposition and convenience of self-service from online banking. This integrated link saves keystrokes and offers additional functionality for new accounts by enabling consumers to make address changes online.

To help support consumer awareness of this convenient self-service ordering channel, will appear on checkbox lids, reorder forms, marketing collateral, websites, and other venues. Existing ordering URLs will continue to function, but promotion of them will be phased out. In addition, to help support your financial institution’s strategic objectives, Harland Clarke offers reporting capabilities that show trends in consumer behavior as well as their satisfaction with self-service ordering. Benefits
For Your Account Holders

  • Easy, convenient self-service ordering possible anytime — open 24/7
  • A greater variety of designs to choose from and more shopping time
  • Potentially reduced turnaround time with faster delivery options
  • Increased order accuracy
  • Eservice (chat, email, phone) and order status available regardless of order channel
  • Email order and shipping confirmations available for improved security
  • Your financial institution’s unique pricing and product availability
  • Orders fulfilled by your preferred and trusted check printer
  • Ability to place orders through integrated online-banking ordering*

* If your financial institution makes this option available.

For Your Financial Institution

  • Single, easy-to-remember URL — no more confusion about what to tell account holders
  • Reduced errors, reprints and waive charges
  • Increased education for checking account holders about easy ordering options
  • More time for branch associates to engage in actions that bring increased value to the financial institution
  • Additional income generated from the sale of accessories, multiple boxes or product upgrades
  • Increased account holder and branch associate satisfaction
  • Added value when integrated with online banking

To learn more about how Harland Clarke can help you improve branch efficiency, and provide account holders with easy-to-use self-service ordering options, contact your account executive or visit our toolbox of ideas, best practices and winning examples at