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About the Harland Clarke Blog

In today’s dynamic marketplace, our team of email marketing professionals is constantly exploring new ideas and approaches. In the process, they are continually examining what other companies are doing in their email marketing efforts. Because these explorations might be of value to others, our employees share their opinions in blogs hosted on our Harland Clarke website. Since Harland Clarke hosts these blogs, we want you to know some key things about them:

a. The blogs on Harland Clarke website primarily represent the opinions of the specifically-defined employees who post them.

b. Names of other organizations are referenced in the blogs on our website so that readers can do their own research in reference to the subject of the blog. Sometimes, links to other websites are also provided to facilitate this exploration. These links are strictly for reference and should not be construed as any formal link between Harland Clarke and the company referenced; nor an endorsement of Harland Clarke and/or the blogs hosted on its website.

c. The Harland Clarke employees posting the blogs on our website do not receive payments from any of the profiled companies.

d. If a profiled organization is a client or affiliate of Harland Clarke that fact will be clearly defined in the blog.

e. The blogs posted on the Harland Clarke website are only intended to share thoughts and opinions. They are in no way intended to be perceived as recommendations for any particular marketing strategy or direction for action to be taken.