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Fifth Third Bank and Harland Clarke Turn High-Risk Digital Banking Conversion Into Highly Rewarding Customer Experience

Fifth Third Bank was looking for an experienced partner to help with the challenging conversion of newly acquired high-value commercial banking customers to their digital banking platform.

They chose Harland Clarke for our ability to deliver the elite client support to their customer base that Fifth Third Bank was known for.

0:05 What did Fifth Third Bank seek out in a conversion partner?
0:34 What were you looking for in a conversion partner?
2:15 What would you do differently?
2:55 What was your experience working with Harland Clarke?

Together, we developed and executed a proactive digital conversion plan that engaged clients along the entire journey, from early outreach and training and implementation to full adoption and utilization.

“This was absolutely critical for us to get this right,” said Steve Blessing, Senior Vice President and Area Manager, Fifth Third Bank. “To do something of this magnitude, you have to have confidence in your partner, and I’m really pleased with how this turned out.”