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Mobile Check Deposit – Why The World Needs More Mikeys

Remember Mikey? The five-year-old from the LIFE cereal commercial who made his bones in advertising by bravely trying a new, but unfamiliar breakfast cereal that “looks different” and is “supposed to be good for ya.”

The world needs more Mikeys. Those who don’t let fear of the unfamiliar hold them back.

Take, for example, mobile check deposit. Simple. Easy. Somewhat new. Most who try it, like it. And mobile check deposit is practical — it both engages customers and decreases costs for financial institutions ($0.08 per transaction versus $0.80 at an ATM and $8 via teller*). It’s one of the most sustainable and beneficial mobile features there is. So, why is adoption so slow?

According to Harland Clarke’s Mobile Deposit Consumer Survey, those who use Mobile Deposit, value it. Mostly, they like the convenience (94.9 percent), followed by simplicity (62 percent), and peace of mind (34.3 percent).

It’s not really a generational thing. Nearly 60 percent of respondents ages 18 to 24 use and value mobile deposit. And 36 percent of respondents age 65 and over are using mobile deposit.

A service that is so highly valued and slowly adopted presents a great opportunity for growth. The key, it seems, is to disrupt the status quo by simply getting consumers to try it.

Adopting a formula of engagement, experience, and education, which worked for disruptive technology adoption like ATMs, would be a logical place to start. Mobile Deposit Activation from Harland Clarke combines all three by sending select customers a personalized, low-value check ($1 to $5 range) to deposit using their smartphone or tablet. It’s secure, risk-free, and lets customers experience the convenience and simplicity of mobile deposits.

That’s a great day for everybody.



*JLL Research, “Branch Banks: Navigating a Sea of Industry Change,” 2017.

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