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ConversionCX Proactive Outreach to Bank Clients Virtually Eliminates Post-Conversion Issues

To lead a challenging conversion of acquired commercial banking clients to their digital banking platform, Fifth Third Bank sought an experienced conversion partner that shared its goal of elite service delivery.

Harland Clarke’s ConversionCX directed a proactive digital banking conversion plan that engaged clients along the entire journey, from early outreach and training and implementation to full adoption and utilization. ConversionCX provided the quality education and support needed to ensure a successful conversion by delivering a superior experience that boosted satisfaction and increased retention.

Senior Vice President and Area Manager Steve Blessing said, “Clients loved that we reached out proactively, offered multichannel one-on-one training or self-training opportunities, and primary contact to address any post-conversion issues.”

“We got out of it what we were looking for, and that’s really what we were targeting and what we’ve achieved,” Blessing added.

0:00 – Why did Fifth Third Bank seek out a conversion partner?
0:34 – What were you looking for in a conversion partner?
2:16 – What were your conversion objectives?
3:51 – What were the keys to success?
4:56 – What would you do differently?
5:36 – What was your experience working with Harland Clarke?

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