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Targeting as a Differentiator: How to Attract the Right Account Holders for Your Financial Institution

There are roughly 600,000 postal carrier routes, 350,000 residential neighborhoods, and 250,000 PO Boxes or business areas in the U.S. And, there are roughly 327 million people in the U.S. living in 126 million households.

Given these staggering numbers, how is a bank or credit union supposed to know which routes contain the best households for prospective account holders?

Answering that question is at the root of every acquisition program.

Targeting the right prospect with the right messaging and creative can be a differentiator that sets your financial institution apart from the competition. But, first and foremost, your acquisition approach must align with your goals and capabilities.

Read the article by Harland Clarke’s Rachel Stephens to learn how, thanks to 21st century technology and algorithmic processes, targeting has gotten both easier and more complex — and why the most successful acquisition programs begin with answering some very important questions about the financial institution itself before addressing the consumer market.