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The Instant Gratification of Instant Card Issuance

I’m excited to have guest author, Docia Myer, Vice President of US Financial Sales at CPI Card Group, share an overview of instant card issuance. Did you know that instant issuance solutions today are fully compliant with new EMV® regulations? — Greg


Docia Myer

Starting in the late 1990s, instant card issuance began to transform the formerly long and complicated process of issuing debit or ATM cards to account holders. Over that period, instant issuance has developed into a more convenient and cost-effective process than when it was first introduced.

Harland Clarke and CPI Card Group have made issuing cards in-branch even easier with Card@Once®—an instant issuance solution named appropriately for issuing a “card-at-once.” Card@Once® enables financial institutions to issue debit and ATM cards instantly, from multiple workstations. That means account holders can receive their cards and have the ability to make small and large daily purchases immediately.

When instant issuance first began, a financial institution set up a mini-central issuance infrastructure and hardware within its branches to issue cards. Unfortunately, with those enormous infrastructure requirements, only large institutions could afford the implementation—and even for those issuers, setup was a challenging process requiring cross-functional collaboration.

Today, adopting instant card issuance is far more gratifying than it was in the past. We’ve moved from software as a purchase—buying the instant issuance software, infrastructure and hardware—to software as a service (SaaS). It’s very easy to implement and economical; even very small institutions can implement it. Harland Clarke has financial institutions with just one or two branches onboard.

Associations like Visa® and MasterCard® are also helping to facilitate easy adoption of instant issuance. They have adopted the physical and logical security requirements to remain Payment Card Industry (PCI) and association compliant.

Instant issuance solutions today are even fully compliant with new EMV® regulations. Card@Once® ships to the branch completely EMV-capable, allowing financial institutions to issue EMV cards to account holders right in the branch. It’s more cost-effective and efficient for them and provides an excellent customer experience for the account holder.

As technology evolves, so does the need for “new and improved,” instantly gratifying processes and systems. This will only grow as younger generations become account holders. We’ll talk a little more about this in another post, as well as the best way to market instant issuance to Millennials.


Watch Card Chat – Instant Issuance: Market Trends to learn how instant issue continues to deliver on evolving consumer needs.


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