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Using Direct Mail? If Not, That’s a Big Red Flag.

Guess which vintage marketing channel is back in style? If you guessed direct mail, you’re right. Once considered on its way out, direct mail is again relevant – serving as an essential component of successful integrated multichannel marketing campaigns.

Here are seven reasons why utilizing direct mail is an open and shut case:

  1. More personal. Consumers appreciate that you know who they are, and direct mail is a great vehicle for delivering personalized offers. Consumers open their mailboxes to personalized envelopes carrying offers based on buying patterns, creditworthiness with tailored benefits intended to stimulate interest and response.
  2. Quality engagements. A recent USPS study shows that physical ads hold consumers’ attention longer, elicit a greater emotional reaction, and play a more direct role in ultimate purchase decisions than digital ads.¹
  3. Cost-effective. Direct mail doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. Postcards routinely perform well (cost and conversion) because of their scan-ability and inexpensive format. Plus, direct mail offers format flexibility that other forms of media cannot.
  4. Touch and feel factor. What better way to “connect” with consumers than to place your branded offer directly into their hands? Never undervalue the importance of adding tactile marketing to your campaign.
  5. Long shelf life. Consumers may keep their mail days, weeks and sometimes even months. Email’s shelf life can often be measured in minutes or seconds.
  6. More trustworthy. Direct mail is the preferred, trusted channel for consumers to receive sensitive information, like financial services.²
  7. Millennials respond to direct mail. We all know the importance of targeting millennial consumers. It just so happens, 90 percent of tech-savvy millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable, and 57 percent have made purchases based on direct mail offers.³

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