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Accountability. Collaboration. Efficiency. 2016 Survey of Financial Services Marketers

Accountability. Collaboration. Efficiency. ACE is the name of the game for 2016, as Harland Clarke’s annual survey of financial services marketers illuminates several interesting trends.

Over half of all marketers surveyed say they expect their budgets to increase this year, but with more budget comes more expectations. Marketers are building their budget from the ground up, and there is mounting pressure to justify how the money gets spent. This is causing greater reliance on measurable campaigns and analytics. Ninety percent of respondents reported an increase in digital marketing, and the percentage of respondents who heavily rely on data to drive their marketing plans has more than doubled from the previous year. Marketing departments are also intensifying their outreach to internal partners to promote the success of their marketing initiatives and support the institution’s overall goals.

For many financial services marketers, 2016 will be a whole new landscape. How does your financial institution compare? Download our free white paper to find out.

Platinum Award
This white paper won a 2016 MARCOM Platinum Award for excellence.