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Simplify SubscriberMail® Reporting with Link Labels and Link Rollups

Many of our SubscriberMail® users rely upon the Message Summary Report within their account to provide them with actionable information about their past campaigns and help them communicate results with others at their company. However, sometimes we find that the complex URL structure used by some clients can lead to a click report that is less than ideal (especially for those that may not have worked on the email project and are simply looking for quick details).

For example, these URLs may make sense to the person that crafted an email campaign:

… but to others on their team, they may not know what products were included on those pages, etc.

With the Link Label feature within SubscriberMail, you can update these types of links so that they are more informative, such as:

MyWebsite – Home Page
MyWebsite – Specials & Promotions
AnotherWebsite – Featured Product #367

Upon creation, Link Label entries will automatically update relevant links within the Message Summary Report area and continue to apply them to all subsequent messages sent from the SubscriberMail account where they were created — there’s no need to recreate existing ones for future messages.

In addition to Link Labels, our Link Rollup feature allows for the grouping of related links that would normally be listed individually in reports. For instance, consider the following unlabeled links:

Although the three raw URLs above all lead to the same product pages, each one would normally be treated as an individual entry in the Click Through Details portion of the SubscriberMail report. However, you can use the Link Rollups feature to combine such similar links to be displayed like this:

…then create a label for the rolled-up link to make it appear like this: – My Page

Grouping related links via a Link Rollup allows for much easier data comprehension. In the example above, we only are dealing with 3 links, but imagine a scenario where you’re dealing with far more URLs. Using these features, you can see how Link Rollups and Link Labels can make for a much cleaner report.