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Marketing Trends for 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like … that time of year when marketers discuss initiatives that worked, what could have been more effective, how marketing efforts impacted the organization and ways to improve for the new year. Many discussions will lead to 2016 marketing plans that comprise of the most effective initiatives from the current year along with new ideas and concepts. Here are three ongoing marketing trends that have made a big splash in 2015 and will continue to gain momentum throughout the new year.


Organizations are making a continuous effort to build brand awareness using digital channels to showcase user-generated content as well as turning some of their attention to building brand communities. Through forums, social media and email messages, organizations have given consumers a space to provide feedback, connect their ideas and compare product usage situations. Content has been a key ingredient in any marketing program for quite some time, and organizations are offering educational, relevant and engaging information through a variety of channels. Today’s consumers are informed, and the more information they can soak in, the better they will view the organization and its products and services.


Organizations strive to captivate their audience with innovative advertising. Implementing video into your marketing strategy can make a large impact on current and prospective customer engagement. Marketers have taken the traditional text-based ads one step further by using embedded videos in search results. With Google’s® acceptance of video-based advertisements in its search results, this new trend can soon become a norm.1


As organizations must ensure their sites are optimized for mobile devices in order to keep up with Google’s new search algorithm, mobile has never been more important. More and more people are using their smartphones for search, video and shopping among other things. This makes mobile elements, such as a responsive websites, embedded videos and other mobile capabilities an important part of any marketing strategy.

With the new year just around the corner, the time for updated marketing calendars, new budgeting spreadsheets and decisions for upcoming events has officially come. Marketers continue to search for innovative ways to entice, capture and retain customers. Utilizing content, video and optimizing mobile in your marketing strategy can help your organization keep up with current trends and stay ahead of the game.