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Growing Your Subscriber List

In the ever-growing digital world, marketers spend a significant amount of time developing strategies to drive traffic to their organization’s website with hopes to build their audience and increase brand loyalty. Those who visit an organization’s website on a regular basis to consume content are extremely important for growth. While websites will certainly receive new visitors from organic search, the main goal is to have them opt-in to receive future updates, therefore keeping your products and services top-of-mind and relevant.

But how do we get them there? Ultimately, it comes down to a few easy-to-implement strategies to help grow your subscriber list and enhance loyalty:

1. Use data and analytics

With a plethora of data platforms at our fingertips, incorporating metrics into your marketing strategies should be a no-brainer. Utilizing data analytics enables marketers to get a better picture of the types of content that are being consumed on a regular basis.

Furthermore, you also want to notice if certain call-to-actions work better than others. Do you need to switch up content placement or utilize different text? Does one situation cause visitors to click more than another?

Using these metrics can help you create a template layout for your landing pages that offer you the best chance at success. It’s very easy to develop and implement A/B testing to decide what works best. Once you’ve reached a conclusion, you can incorporate that same line of thinking in other locations.

2. Create a well-researched content strategy

Here’s another situation where data can help you. Using metrics, you can begin to understand the types of content that mean the most to your subscribers. Using this information, you can create white papers, infographics, blog posts, etc. that will resonate with your current readers.

It’s important to remember that it’s not necessarily about having something to say about everything. You will experience more success by using the numbers to develop a clear understanding of what is working instead of just shooting fish in a barrel and putting out random content.

3. Know what the competition is doing

Developing a strong content strategy is at the top of many marketers’ lists. Countless research studies have been conducted supporting the importance of providing targeted, informative and relevant content to your readers. So, you might be hard-pressed to find a topic that hasn’t been covered. It can be extremely difficult to come up with a brand new idea that no one has ever talked about, especially to gain some sort of competitive advantage, but the key is to offer something different and interesting even if the subject has been covered elsewhere. This is a good place to use internal research, like a benchmark report or a data purge, to gain insight into what your customers are doing.

4. Know your niche

It’s important to understand that people subscribe to your content because they like what you have to say. If you are working off a focused content strategy, you are creating content that lives in a specific niche. While it’s okay to do something different every once in awhile, especially for a vessel like a blog, make sure you don’t take it too far. You don’t want your subscribers to feel like you have no focus and your information holds no value.

5. Be a thought leader

As stated previously, it’s hard to constantly come up with refreshing content, but you don’t want to let too much time pass before providing readers with something new. You want the content you offer to leave readers satisfied, whether they turned to you for answers to specific questions or just wanted to consume something insightful and intriguing. Regardless, the content you created needs to provide a level of value and leave your readers wanting more.

Use all the tools you have in your arsenal to create the right pieces of content for your specific audience. By taking the time to really get to know who your readers are and what they want to learn, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to build your subscriber list and increase brand loyalty.19