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PayPal Gives Home Depot the Finger

My current point-of-sale frequency ranks this way:

1. Swipe (mag stripe)
2. Insert (EMV)
3. Check (church)
4. Cash (tips)
5. Tap (RFID)
6. Phone (Apple Wallet)

But I just added something new…

7. Finger

I spotted PayPal at Home Depot just last week. What do I need? My finger, my phone number, and my PayPal pin number. I don’t need anything plastic, magnetic, paper, leather, and I don’t need a phone.

I don’t need batteries. My finger runs on food.

What equipment do the merchants need to install? Nothing. PayPal ties into existing PIN pads. No RFID readers, no phone readers, no squares, and no triangles. It’s low tech. It’s simple. And they email me a receipt.

Will finger take off? I don’t think so. I don’t get points for my finger. And it takes longer than EMV insert. Still, it is on my list, and if I lose my wallet, I can buy some snacks at Home Depot… to power my finger.

What is your p.o.s. rank?

image: my finger


  1. You could get some credit card points by making credit the primary funding source within PayPal. That would take the Colonel Sanders motto to new level. Instead of finger licking good you could call it finger linking good.

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