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Provide Information on Your Opt-in Form… Don’t Just Collect It

When potential new subscribers are visiting your opt-in form, it is important to remember to not just collect information … but also provide it. Providing information at this pivotal juncture can help set the tone for your future email relationship with new subscribers.

For example, if you can commit to a general frequency that subscribers will be receiving emails, it is always recommended to include this information. However, if you are not certain that you will be following that model and may be emailing them less frequently – or more importantly, more frequently – we would suggest refraining from including an expected frequency on your opt-in form to avoid the possibility of annoying your subscribers down the road.

Perhaps the most important thing you can provide on your opt-in form is examples of the content subscribers will be receiving. Often the best opt-in forms include images of past newsletters. You could also link to an archive of past messages.

As you review your opt-in form, put yourself in your future subscribers’ shoes and remember that they don’t know the details of your email marketing strategy and, in some instances, it can be beneficial to spell out what they can anticipate going forward.