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Automation and Data Help Reinvent Email

For the last few years, many thought that email was on its ninth life. Social platforms began taking the world by storm and continue to soar today as Twitter® reported that its users send more than 500 million tweets per year, and Facebook® has quadrupled in value.1 But email’s pulse continues to beat and, as data-driven marketing becomes increasingly more popular, “email is the ‘glue’ for communications across the customer lifecycle.2

Email addresses are the web’s identification system and, for many websites, viewing purchasing history or account balances all starts with an email address. With each click of the mouse, organizations are learning more about customers and assigning data to their email. So now instead of pushing out generic emails, marketers can use the data collected to analyze their customers’ behavior and provide them with more relevant content.

By adapting a marketing automation platform, marketers can house all of their data in one location with information being added seamlessly as customers interact with their business. With all that data in one place, marketers can create automated email campaigns based on pre defined triggers that target customers based specifically on their engagement history, such as:

Welcome messages. Schedule a message to trigger every time a new email address is obtained.

Content marketing messages. Gather and analyze data around content pieces. Take note of what content customers are reading and sharing. This will help determine where they might be in the customer journey or what topics they are interested in, which enables marketers to reach them with relevant content.

Follow-up messages. As customers interact with businesses, they may download a white paper, make a purchase, attend a webinar or abandon a shopping cart. These are all opportunities for marketers to follow up and ask about their experience, offer related information or provide recommendations.

Inactive resends. Testing done through Harland Clarke Digital, focusing on a variety of clients in a variety of industries, found that resending a message can improve engagement and increase render rates. Use this opportunity to resend messages to those who haven’t engaged. Remember to keep an eye on unsubscribes and understand that not every message, list and segment should receive an inactive resend.

Creating automated marketing emails is a great way to alleviate some of the work that goes into creating and sending messages, especially for one marketer. Not only are these types of emails essential in leading customers to their next point of conversion, they help encourage continuous, two-way communications.