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If You Build It, They Will Respond

Data-driven, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer-centric… these are phrases that occupy a marketer’s mind on a daily basis. Digital marketing strategies are formed by emotionally understanding the consumer, reaching him/her through a targeted effort and utilizing data gathered from business intelligence platforms. As marketers, we are in the driver’s seat when promoting our brand, but we are navigated by consumers in order to reach our final destination.

Collecting actionable feedback from current and prospective consumers can significantly strengthen a digital marketing program, and data collection can be incorporated through different channels, many of which are most likely already part of your current marketing strategy, such as email marketing, website promotion and social media. Adding a survey to these elements can enhance your overall marketing plan.

Email marketing campaign success is measured through many reporting tools, such as message tracking, bounce and unsubscribe management, click-through information, etc. This information is relevant and important for marketers to analyze campaign deployment. What if it was taken one step further and real-time responses of recipient thoughts were incorporated into your reports? Offering a survey can help your organization understand how the recipient felt regarding the product you were offering, resulting in actionable feedback.

Consumers may access your profiles on social media for many different reasons. A great way to understand what their needs are and why they have decided to check out your statuses, like your pages or re-tweet one of your posts is to include a survey or questionnaire. This can not only help you understand what they want, but also will give you the chance to drive qualified leads back to your website.

One of the best ways to take advantage of a prospective lead who visits your website is to incorporate a feedback form on landing pages. By including that form, you have the ability to capture their data and start understanding what they like/dislike about your brand and what made them visit your site to begin with as well as gaining insight on brand perception. Use automation to push this data into your email marketing platform so you can send relevant information to segmented lists based on their behavior.

Aside from learning and obtaining information from your prospective customers, feedback is equally important from your current customer base to ensure their satisfaction with your organization. Offering annual or bi-annual surveys to current customers offers the ability to view customers’ perceptions throughout their lifecycle and understand their needs.

The final destination of a marketer is to have a solid strategic marketing program. We can utilize every facet of technology and analytics to reach that goal but that is simply not enough. Connecting with consumers, understanding their needs and using that data to formulate a marketing strategy gives us the tools to ensure the consumer is connected. Listening to their opinions and continuously reaching out for feedback is the final piece of the puzzle to make sure they have enjoyed the ride along the way.