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Help! Four Tips to Keep Your Customers Happy

Finding new customers isn’t easy. It takes time, resources and money. There’s no doubt that to continually grow your business a steady stream of new customers isn’t a bad thing, but what about keeping the ones you already have?

According to, “sales campaigns launched at a base of existing customers often have success rates as high as 70 percent vs. campaigns launched at new customers touted as successful if just 5 percent or more end up buying.”1

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the numbers and come to the conclusion that selling to and keeping your current customers happy makes a great deal of sense. Here are four tips you can use to help keep your customers happy:

  1. Understand and anticipate their needs. Frontier marketers are using “big data and sophisticated analytics to detect where a given customer is on the purchase path and what information he/she needs most.”2 Before your customer picks up the phone and asks you about a new service, product or updated feature, your business should already be armed with details, so that you can initiate a beginning dialogue with them.
  2. Check in on them even when they don’t ask. You’ll want to make sure that customers are being reminded that they are important to you. We all need help from time to time, but not all of us are willing to seek it out. It is key, not only for your success, but to the success of your customers to make sure everything is going smoothly on their end and that they are satisfied with your product or service. Staying ahead of the game keeps your business top-of-mind and gives consumers more reason to block out your competition.
  3. Don’t let their frustration fester. Address your customer’s concerns immediately if you can. The quicker you can resolve a customer issue… the more credibility and trust you will build with them. If one of your customers is irritated with a product or service, make sure you keep on top of it and keep them in the loop. Each client touchpoint you make is another sign of relief they have on their end.
  4. Do one thing better than anyone else. If you are already checking off the first three tips, then it is more than likely you are doing something better than the competition. Whatever it may be, look at your business and find the main differentiator and build on it. Here at Harland Clarke Digital, we put an emphasis on assisting our customers better than anyone else and developing partnerships with each business.

In a world where technology and intellect keep moving forward, how do we as businesses help our customers do the same? No answer will ever be sufficient, but one simple phrase is an excellent starting point, “Help them.” When we are able to help our customers, it allows them to help theirs — and if that isn’t a success, then what are we in business for?