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YouTube® Changing the Social Game for Financial Institutions

Many banks and credit unions are becoming active in social media, with Facebook®, Twitter® and YouTube®accounts accessible through their websites, promoted on email footers and visible on marketing materials. In some cases this activity is simply an effort to be part of the ever-growing social trend, rather than having a full strategy and understanding of how to use these social sites effectively.

While these social platforms are a great place to inform followers and fans about products and drive traffic back to websites or blogs, business strategies often overlook the true potential of building customer relationships over social media. Facebook and Twitter bring their own elements of creating a brand personality to the table, but none of those platforms set the stage for brand storytelling like YouTube.

In July, TD Bank posted the “Sometimes you just want to say thank you” video to its YouTube channel. The spot will move you. It makes you smile, laugh and even cry. It connects with people. It features a TD Bank ATM that provides surprise gifts to TD Bank customers. Some of the gifts are small tokens of gratitude like a bouquet of flowers, but other gifts are much more impactful like sending a mother to see her ill daughter in Trinidad and a chance for a lifelong Toronto Blue Jay fan to throw out the first pitch at a game. Since it was published, the video has had almost 20 million views.

This video is successful because it’s inviting to viewers. It takes the everyday banking consumer and makes him/her relatable on a very personal level. The people featured in the video are stripped down emotionally and put under a microscope that is extremely relatable to viewers. People find comfort in familiarity and cheer for the underdog. In TD Bank’s “Thank You” campaign, we are presented with a variety of everyday people with a narrative placed on a choice few who are then saved by a hero – TD Bank.

In this video, TD Bank knows personal information about its consumers. By offering a simple act of gratitude, this financial institution shows that it knows its loyal consumers individually rather than just as an account number and appreciates their dedication. TD Bank immediately takes on the idea that it can change lives and make a difference. TD bank achieved what brands strive for…to be remembered. TD Bank will be remembered not only by those affected in the video, but also by those who viewed it.