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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

Average open rates for promotional marketing emails in the U.S. are between 17% and 20%, which means that about 80% of the people you are trying to communicate with are not paying attention.1 The idea of the inactive resend is not a new one, and in my experience, the best practices that overcome the test of time are usually incredibly effective and some of the easiest to implement.

One of the most useful aspects of digital marketing is the ability to track a user’s path down to the most minute detail including those who open your email and those who do not. With the average open rate statistic in mind, think about the numbers if you deploy an email to 10,000 people. Even if you achieve a very high open rate at 20%, that still leaves 8,000 people who did not open your message.

So what do you do now? Well fret-not my email marketing friends, you can easily resend your message to the inactive portion of your audience by using the filter and campaign functions within the SubscriberMail platform.

  1. By going into the List tab, and creating a Dynamic Filter, you can target those email recipients who did not open your message specifically. There are a variety of ways to increase your open rates, starting with your subject line. Consider revising what you sent the first time around and focus on using keywords that work for your audience. You could also focus on different content and make that your headliner. The most important thing to always do is test and test some more and do so frequently.
  2. Don’t forget about those who did click on your email. You can quickly identify those users who received the first message and opened it within your Reports tab in SubscriberMail. From there, you can automatically schedule follow-up email deployments to contact those users a second and third time with relevant content.

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1. 2014: DMA Statbook