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Please Stand By…Important Web Video Ad Coming to a TV Near You

According to eMarketer, marketers will spend $4.14 billon on online video ads this year. That number is more than double what they spent in 2011, and by 2018 that number will have doubled again!1

Many companies are reading the writing on the wall and it’s telling them to dive into online video advertising. AOL just made its largest acquisition ever ($405 million) with the purchase of a video-ad startup called This clearly signals their view that the future of advertising is online video, and they want to be front-and-center in this battlefield.

Why are companies investing heavily in online video ads? As television becomes further integrated with the online world, web video ads will be part of our TV viewing experience. This represents a shift in strategy when creating the “commercials” of tomorrow, and those of us in marketing/advertising need to be ready.

It’s time to transform our thinking from the current perspective that television ads and online video are two distinct channels and start seeing them as one. A holistic view of video advertising will better position us to help our clients achieve success in the coming years.

The merging of online and television worlds should come as no surprise as the process actually started several years ago. As televisions began to incorporate streaming features in Internet connections and when mobile devices usage skyrocketed, the lines between the two worlds melded into one.

Current research indicates that nearly 50 percent of all smartphone and tablet owners are using those devices while watching television. And according to Nielsen, 20 percent of tablet owners and 13 percent of smartphone owners buy products they see TV advertisements on right from their mobile devices.3

Both real and virtual worlds are merging and it’s critical that we start thinking of content production that is adaptive to this new paradigm. We have known for years that online videos have high interest and engagement, and we need to have adaptive thinking to come up with a strategy for producing and distributing marketing messages across the digital divide.

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