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So You’re Thinking about Producing Some Videos…

We’re in the final stages of wrapping up a 45 second video testimonial for a large financial institution and thought it might be helpful to compile a list of key considerations if you’re thinking about adding video to your website, your emails and your MMS mobile messages.

  1. Map out as precisely as you can what you want to achieve (length, content, authenticity, feel, tone, key takeaways, music, disclaimer requirements, scripted or non-scripted, who is hosting the video, etc.) and define as narrowly as possible your intended audience BEFORE you take another step.  Preparing a detailed Creative Brief will define the scope, which will allow you to accurately estimate costs and help keep everyone on target.
  2. Hire an experienced director; they’re well worth the added cost and will quickly turn what, might otherwise be an amateurish endeavor, into a professional video.  The same is also true for your editor.
  3. Have a skilled make-up artist on site.  We’re all such avid consumers of various professional video formats that we almost take these people for granted.  Don’t—they too are worth the additional investment required.
  4. Speaking of the production crew, review samples of both the camera and sound crew before you hire them.  If you’re considering interviews, promotional announcements or testimonials, ask to see some recent examples.  Like all things, some are better than others and some have particular fortes.
  5. Carefully interview your talent pool before you ask anyone to participate.  Besides the obvious qualities of being photogenic and having a non-abrasive speaking voice, having a face-to-face interview before asking them to participate may reveal some traits and/or mannerisms that do not translate well to the screen and that might not be apparent via a phone conversation.
  6. Send the editor any and all client branding guidelines (documents or online resources) as well as any client specific font requirements before production ever begins…It will save you both time and money.
  7. Select an appropriate location that reflects the nature of the individual you’re interviewing or a site that seems natural for the individual providing the testimonial.
  8. Unless you’re particularly skilled and adept in the video world, seriously consider using an experienced production management team such as Harland Clarke Digital.

Like so many things that on the surface seem relatively easy, there’s a whole host of production details that are all critically important to achieving your video success.  This list would include talent waivers, disclaimer copy, honorariums, transcription of final cut for legal review and an entire list of others, all of which need to be managed if you’re going to be successful and are on budget.  Call us today to discuss how we might best work with you on your next video.